These liturgical guidelines are provided to help in the proper celebration of liturgies in the Diocese of Laredo. As decrees are promulgated with the authority of the Bishop they will be posted here as a reference for the faithful in the Diocese.


Diocesan Manual For Parish Trainers of Lectors I 

Manual Diocesano para Entrenadores de Lectores

Power Points

Lector Workshop Part I 

Taller para Lectores Parte I

Lector Workshop Part II

Taller para Lectores Parte II

Lector Workshop Part III 

Taller para Lectores Parte III

Important Documents on the Lectionary

 Chapter IV General Arangement of Readings for Mass.pdf  

Capitulo IV Distribucion General de las Lecturas de la Misa

General Introduction to the Lectionary Eng.pdf 

Introducion General al Leccionario