The Family Life Ministry

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The mission of the Family Life Office is to be faithful to the Diocesan vision, demonstrating respect for families and individuals, serving with joy to convey Christ's message of love working in collaboration with other Diocesan departments and community organizations to further true catholic beliefs

Our Diocesan Vision:    Building unity within our diocesan community        

The Family Life Office responds in faith to the spiritual needs of God's people throughout the natural life cycle by enriching their journey of faith. This ministry currently conducts educational and enrichment activities for:

  • Marriage Preparation
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Understanding Sexuality
  • Respect Life Awareness
  • Marriage Support

Mrs. Martha E. Miller, Family Life Director
Mrs. Alma A. Flores, Family Life Secretary
Rev. R. Anthony Mendoza, Respect Life Spiritual Director

~Marriage Preparation~

  • Guidance for couples
  • Perspectives on Marriage exercises
  • Pre-Cana Retreat
  • Vocation discernment and engagement period
  • Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Marriage as a continually developing interpersonal relationship
  • The art of love and communication
  • The virtues and difficulties of conjugal life
  • The gift and responsibility of conjugal sexuality
  • Responsible parenthood and the gift of procreation
  • Educating children in God's love
  • Constructing a well-ordered family life
  • Living a life of faith
  • Creating a family apostolate

        F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions on the Pre-Cana Classes


~Natural Family Planning~

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops mandates that each diocese in the United States "help couples deepen conjugal love and achieve responsible parenthood through both education and pastoral care." In response, the diocesan office offers the following:

  • Introductory NFP education within the context of Catholic moral and sacramental teaching on human sexuality, marriage & family life
  • Follow-up visit with NFP instructor
  • NFP material for enrollees in certified classes


 ~Understanding Sexuality~
The mission of the Understanding Sexuality Program is to evangelize the People of God through the Church's teachings on reproduction and the sanctity of human sexuality. Currently this program offers:

  • Distribution of educational materials


~Respect Life~

  • The Respect Life Ministry serves as a resource for both clergy and laity to address all pro-life issues from conception to natural death.
  • January Pro-Life Rosary Walk
  • Life Chain during October, Respect Life month
  • October Respect Life Mass
  • Distribution of educational materials


~MarriageSupport Program~                                                                                                  The Marriage Support Program's mission is to enrich marriages by providing spiritual and moral guidance to the sacramental union and focus on its call to Faith and Love. An appointment is necessary to see the Counselor.  Please call the office for more detailed information.


~Family Talks~

The Family Talks are series of presentations conducted at different parishes targeting important issues affecting families -the domestic church. Please call the Family Life Office for information on the dates and places where the Family Talks are taking place

~Visits to parishes and missions "Ferias Diocesanas"                                              In collaboration with other ministries, the Family Life Office distributes educational material at different locations. Please call the Family Life Office for dates and times. 


Ministies currently under development/implementation

  • Marriage Convalidation Retreat
  • Marriage/Families Enrichment

If you are interested in serving in the Family Life Office Ministries, please contact the Director, Mrs. Martha E. Miller or Mrs. Alma Flores, Secretary, at the number listed below:
Telephone: 956.727.2140
Fax: 956.764.7842
1201 Corpus Christi St.,  Pastoral Center
Laredo, TX 78040

For ideas and advice on family and marriage log on to the following web site:

For resources to assist you or others on the painful process of Divorce visit this web site:                                                                     

For information on the Natural Family Planning Method visit this web site:



 Please contact Family Life Office  at least:   

       6 months   

     Have a meeting with the priest celebrating your marriage first and then call the Family Life Office to register for your Pre-Cana                                            

PLEASE NOTE: Once you are interviewed by the priest or deacon celebrating your marriage, register for your   Pre-Cana classes as soon as possible. Space is limited  


2015 Pre-Cana Schedule 

January 10 & 11

February 7 & 8


April 18 & 19

May 2 & 3 (en Español)

June 6 & 7

July 11 & 12

August 1 & 2 (en español)

September 12 & 13


November 7 & 8

December 5 & 6

Call the Family Life Office to know the 2016 Pre-Cana schedule

Please call the Family Life if you have any questions.



Pre-Cana Registration Form




Upcoming Events in 2015


October 4th, 2015

Life Chain: Pray for the respect of life from the moment of conception to natural death. 

August 28th, 2015

Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Diocese of Laredo at San Agustin Cathedral. Special Mass scheduled for 12:00 pm.

Save the Date

January 25, 2016

Rosary Walk: Join hundreds of the Faithful to pray for the respect of human life.