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Diocesan News

The Diocese of Laredo participated in Wear Blue Day in observance of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Diocesan employees, Catholic schools, and parish staff wore blue clothing/ribbons to show their support for this worthy cause.

Please continue to fight for children who are abused and neglected. Kids cannot defend themselves; they are not able to stand up for themselves and say no. We all deserve dignity, respect, and love.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Catholic Conference this year!

Keynote speaker Tim Staples, along with our other three wonderful speakers, drew a big crowd.

We hope to continue enriching your faith through more spiritually enriching retreats.

God bless your day!

The annual Catholic Sharing Appeal is one means by which disciples express their solidarity with the mission of the Holy Catholic Church in the Diocese of Laredo. This solidarity is called Stewardship.

In addition to the direct support which you contribute to your parish or mission, each gift you make to the Diocese of Laredo Catholic Sharing Appeal extends the mission of the Church, to teach, to sanctify, and to serve our brothers and sisters in seven counties.