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Donations for Vocations

How Can I make a Donation?

There are a variety of ways in which donors can support our seminarians, Casa Guadalupe Catholic Seminary and the work of the Office of Vocations. Use these links or scroll to the bottom to find out how to make a contribution.

 Thank you for your gift.

Sending your Gift:

Check or Money Order – please make checks/money order payable to “Diocese of Laredo” and mail to:

On the MEMO: Please specify the donation: Seminarian Support, Casa Guadalupe, Office of Vocations


Casa Guadalupe House of Discernment

ATT: Fr. Francisco M. Quiroz-Carrizales

1201 Corpus Christi Street

Laredo, TX 78043



For more information and how you can donate contact:

Fr. Francisco M. Quiroz-Carrizales, PhL, M.Div./M.A.(Th), S.T.B.
Vocations Directors for the Diocese


1201 Corpus Christi Street
Laredo, TX, 78043
Phone: (956) 727-2140
Fax: (956) 764-7842


REMINDER: All these contributions are tax-deductible. (Letters are available once a year in January)


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Seminarian Cost Information: (Per Year) At Assumption Seminary, San Antonio, TX.

Tuition, Room & Board: $ 28, 814.00

Books:                               $ 1, 000.00

Health Insurance:          $ 9,600.00

Stipend:                           $ 1,500.00

Travel to/from seminary:   $ 500.00

TOTAL:                        $    41,414.00



Aspirant Cost Information: (Per year) at Casa Guadalupe House of Discernment, Laredo, TX.

Tuition & Books:   $ 6,440.00 (Only for those studying English as a Second Language)

Housing:               $ 7547.50

Transportation:      $ 250.00

Application Fee:    $ 1, 200.00

                 Total:       $ 15, 437.50