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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! 

In order for you to best benefit from your marriage preparation, please contact your parish priest first.  After this, we ask you to come to our diocesan office located at 1201 Corpus Christi Street to register for the Pre-Cana retreat or log in to the diocesan website to download the registration form. Besides the Pre-Cana Registration form, you need to complete a short questionnaire.

When you register, a workbook with helpful exercises is given to you. You must complete it prior to the retreat. 

Other pertinent information regarding the Pre-Cana Retreat:

  1. The cost of the retreat is $160.
  2. Several refreshment breaks are scheduled over the two days.
  3. Lunch is on your own.
  4. The location of the Retreat varies; Call the office to verify.
  5. Certificate of Attendance is issued a week after the Retreat. 
  6. Topics in the Pre-Cana are presented by a team of volunteers, pastors and other religious. 
  7. The Natural Planning Class is part of the Pre-Cana Retreat. Two to three months after you have taken this class, you must make an appointment with an NFP instructor to review the NFP charts and other material. Your NFP Certificate will be issued to you at the end of the follow-up meeting.
  8. Once you are registered, you will be asked to come to the office for a short interview.
  9. If you have an emergency and cannot attend the Pre-Cana retreat, you need to call the office to re-schedule.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Family Life office.  We will be glad to assist you.

Wishing you many blessings,

Martha E. Miller
Family Life Director