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From the Bishop

Dear Young People of Laredo,

The Holy Spirit is alive and well within you!  One of my greatest joys as Bishop is to see your love and enthusiasm for Christ and His Church.

During the closing Mass of WYD 2011 in Madrid, Pope Benedict XVI reminded the young people, "You cannot live your faith alone...Following Jesus in faith is to walk with Him in the communion of the Church.  You cannot follow Jesus alone."

Yes, dear young people, know that you cannot live your faith alone and that you are not alone, Holy Mother Church is with you.  And I am with you!

In 2007, Pope Benedict told the young people of the world, "There is a need for young people who will allow God's love to burn within them and who will respond generously to his urgent call, just as many young blessed and saints did in the past and also in more recent times" (Pope Benedict XVI, Message for 23rd World Youth Day, July 20, 2007).

The Church has a lot of faith in you and needs you.  The Holy Father has commissioned you to share the Gospel with the world around you; in parishes, neighborhoods, among friends and strangers. Your faith is contagious and the Church is in need of young people like you to bring the faith alive.

Christ and His Church is asking something great of you.  He is asking you to listen to His Vocational Call and become Saints.

I urge you to remain close to Christ and Holy Mother Church, "as you cannot live faith alone."  Come to know Christ with His Church in prayer, especially before the Blessed Sacrament, and through the reception of the sacraments.  Then let the Holy Spirit intervene in your life and you too can become one of the many great Saints in our Church.

As you continue on your pilgrimage to Heaven, pray for the Church, and know that I pray for you!

Faithfully in Christ,
Most Reverend James A. Tamayo, D.D.
First Bishop