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Calling All Middle Schoolers!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Come to the Middle School Youth Rally!

When? Sat. March 23, 2018 8AM-3PM

Why participate? Pope Francis challenges all of us to become missionary disciples who are not afraid to witness the faith. We believe that a joint witness of thousands of young people and their prayers will indeed help young people to see themselves as witnesses of Christ and members of a young Church.

Audience All 6th to 9th grade students from parish religious education programs and Catholic schools, together with their teachers, catechists, youth ministers, parents, chaperones, and pastors are invited. An unforgettable field trip for Catholic middle schools and parish based programs and groups.

Register by completing the following two forms and taking it to your parish youth group leader, Religious Education teacher, or stop by the Pastoral Office on 1201 Corpus Christi St..

Individual registration form and Code of Conduct form

Parental/guardian consent form and liability waiver 

Overview of the Day

Friday / Saturday

8:15/9:15am Doors Open/Registration/Music

9:15/10:00am Opening/Ice Breakers 

10:00/10:20am Keynote

10:20/10:40am Breakout/Circle Sharing

10:40/10:50am Brake 

11:00/11:30am Video Stories, Music, Prayer, and Youth Witness

11:30/12:10 Lunch - Music/DJ, Reconciliation

1:10/1:30 Keynote:

1:30/1:50pm Breakout/Circle Sharing

1:50/2:00pm Break

2:00/2:30 XLT ADORE, Reconciliation, Prayer Stations

2:30/2:40pm Brake

2:40/3:00pm Closing Praise and Worship Finale

3:00pm Call for Vocations, Ending Closing Blessing