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Catholic Charities - Diocese of Laredo





History and Mission

Catholic Charities-Diocese of Laredo (CCDOL) is a non-profit organization under the auspices of the Diocese of Laredo. As a multi-program human services agency, CCDOL is a community-based organization that has been serving the people of the Diocese of Laredo, located on the Mexican-American border, in Dimmit, Jim Hogg, La Salle, Maverick, Webb, Zapata, and Zavala counties since the 1970s.

CCDOL was originally established as Laredo Family Counseling Services, with the objective of providing counseling for emotional and/or psychological problems affecting Laredo families. Since that time, CCDOL has grown to become a leader in providing various direct services to individuals and families who live in economically distressed areas.

The mission statement:  Catholic Charities-Diocese of Laredo is committed to serving the emergency needs of the indigent and believes that all people have the right to live in an environment that is free of abuse, violence, fear, and oppression. 

Vision Statement:  Serving the people in need to change the course of poverty.

 Catholic Charities-Diocese of Laredo strives to strengthen and empower families through its diverse programs and social services. Services reflect the needs of the area's population and the demographic make-up of the South Texas border. Its wide range of programs and resources enables CCDOL to meet the unique needs of the community and its people.

All program services are provided without regard to religion, race, income, disability, or sexual orientation.

Services and Programs


Humanitarian Relief Services – La Frontera Shelter

We operate La Frontera, an overnight humanitarian shelter, where immigrant families and individuals recently released from immigration detention centers or who find themselves in our community receive basic and necessary care for an average of 1-3 days prior to their journey to their final destinations in the United States. Services provided include food, shelter, showers, new clothes, support connecting to family/loved ones, transportation support, safety training, access to the internet and other resources, and spiritual support. Pro-bono legal consultations and Know Your Rights training are offered based on volunteer availability. Approximately 90,000 families and individuals have received services through our Humanitarian efforts.

The New Humanitarian Center Project & Capital Campaign

Special efforts are underway to improve La Frontera by constructing a new building. More information can be found at these links:


The New Humanitarian Center Website


Donation Link for the New Humanitarian Center Capital Campaign


Volunteer at the Shelter


Please contact Rebecca Solloa, Executive Director, with any questions or inquiries about the project at

Immigration Services

This program has assisted members of the community since 1984 with the responsibilities of becoming an immigrant or U S citizen. Our immigration department is a long standing and credible program that strives in keeping families unified by providing low-cost immigration preparation & processing services.

We educate the community and create awareness with weekly public information given live on the local news. In addition, radio announcements and “know your rights workshops” are provided throughout the year. The information provided to the community includes not only the available services but also ways to 1). identify scammers, 2). detect fraudulent services, 3). respond to immigration authorities, and 4). the civil rights in the U.S. 

Immigration Services & Outreach Activities provided are:

  • Naturalization
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Employment Authorization
  • Visa Petitions
  • DACA
  • Consultations
  • Know Your Rights Workshops
  • Naturalization Workshops

Consultations are available Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only. The consultation fee is $50.00. 

Emergency Assistance

Working to reduce poverty by assisting families with utility & rental assistance, ensuring that they do not lose their homes due to hardships, such as loss of a job, loss of a spouse or reduction in work hours.  Hardships often prevent them from paying their rent and/or living with basic utility needs such as electricity, water & gas. Through this program, we ensure homelessness prevention, by helping families remain in their homes.  We have served hundreds of families but received thousands of inquiries for assistance. 

More specifically, CCDOL provides support to individuals and families through the following programs and events:

  • Assistance with rent payments
  • Homelessness assistance
  • Assistance with utility payments
  • Food distribution and clothes distribution
  • Referrals to other community resources

For assistance, you must call 956-722-2443  on MONDAYS at 8:00 am until the list is filled. Note the list is usually filled in 20 minutes.

Medical Mission   

In 2009, the Medical Missionaries of Divine Mercy (MMDM), at the request of Bishop James A. Tamayo, DD, partnered with the Diocese of Laredo and launched the medical mission to serve the indigent healthcare needs in our community. The MMDM is a group of medical doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses, priests, deacons, and volunteers from St. Laurence Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.  Every year, over 1,200 poor and disadvantaged people are provided with free medical, dental exams/ extractions, vision and hearing screening, chiropractic and physical therapy, as well as medical supplies such as wheelchairs. In addition, for those who wish, spiritual nourishment in the form of Healing Services are provided in several parishes.  The Annual Medical Mission is held the first week of November at San Luis Rey Parish, 3502 Sanders Ave., and is an excellent opportunity for those needing attention to be served by professional persons in the health field.

It is estimated that approximately 1,200 people is served every year.  The services provided are:

  • General Medical Check Ups
  • Dental care including check-ups, x-rays, cleaning, extractions
  • Vision Care that includes eye exams and distribution of glasses
  • Prescription medications given under a physician’s supervision
  • Medical equipment including physical therapy equipment
  • Celebration of daily Mass, confessions and spiritual services

For more information on the Medical Mission, please visit the following two links:

Facilities and Equipment 

Missionary Testimonial Video


Home Repairs Mission 

We also collaborate with St. Ann's Catholic Parish of Coppell, TX - Diocese of Dallas and host a Youth Mission to repair homes during the summer to promote a better quality of life for our community members. Thousands of families have been able to enjoy a meal, celebrate the holidays, stay warm and/or cool during the winter and summer days…due to our community’s generosity.

Disaster Relief

Disasters strike unexpectedly and affect hundreds in our community who are often left without basic needs, such as electricity, water, food, shelter, and clothing.  Catholic Charities is present to assess and evaluate the nature of the disaster and to provide the necessary aid, whether it be temporary or permanent shelter, food, clothing, and supplies. 

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA Program)

CCDOL serves every year as a site for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. VITA is a free income tax service that has been implemented since 2014 to help those living at or below the poverty level and receive the maximum tax refund allowable. Annually, CCDOL completes over 350 tax returns, which have resulted in over $750,000.00 in taxes refunded to its clients on a yearly basis. 

Food Drives—Toy Drives—Blanket Drives & MISSIONS

Throughout the year, especially during the Holidays, Catholic Charities distributes hundreds of food baskets, turkey dinners, Christmas gifts, blankets, fans, and/or heaters to the needy in our community. CCDOL provides food bags and turkeys in observance of Thanksgiving Day to over 275 families on a yearly basis.  Participants at the CCDOL Senior Center also receive over 50 Thanksgiving food bags every year.

CCDOL celebrates Christmas in El Cenizo, TX, (a rural community along the banks of the Rio Grande), for families of that community. Approximately 100 families receive food baskets, turkeys & blankets and approximately 400 children receive toys, goodies, and a hygiene packet. In addition, over 50 elderly individuals receive blankets, food baskets and turkeys as well.  Children have an opportunity to participate in an array of activities, such as decorating Christmas crafts and coloring.  

During December of every year, CCDOL celebrates a Christmas give-away event for families in the Diocesan community.  Approximately 175 families receive food bags, 20 pounds of frozen chicken, and two gallons of Hominy. Approximately 350 children also receive toys during this Christmas event.


Catholic Charities Logo: 

The logo represents the following:

The Church outline signifies: 

  1. The importance of our church in our community, but also sanctuary our church offers.
  2. The church silhouette also represents two inverted C’s, which are representative of the C’s for Catholic Charities.

The Cross signifies the presence of our LORD in everything we do for we serve our LORD by serving others.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Laredo Staff prayer: 

Lord Jesus,

      Lift us up in strength, hope, and compassion,

 as we serve our suffering brothers and sisters,

 who have material and spiritual needs.     

 Give us an undivided heart (Ez. 11:19).

  Give them a protected environment that is

 free of abuse, violence, fear, and oppression.


Catholic Charities – Diocese of Laredo

serves everyone regardless of religion or faith.



Contact Information

1919 Cedar Ave.
(corner of Cedar Avenue / Fremont St.)
Laredo, Texas 78040

(956) 722-2443
Fax: (956) 725-2238

Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Rebecca Solloa 
Executive Director

Edgar Martinez 
Programs Director

Teresa De La Garza
Immigration Specialist

Vanessa Guerrero
Immigration Specialist

Mildred Medrano
Immigration Administrative Assistant

Mirna Gonzalez
Immigration Attorney

Damaris Jimenez

Maria Lus Hernandez

Sandra Ramirez
Humanitarian Respite Center Coordinator

Aldo Chapa
Data Entry Coordinator

Alyssa Janell Acosta
Data Entry

Raul Salazar-Villagomez 
Case Manager Assistant

Patricia Cardenas