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Safe Environment Resources

Safe environment programs are established for the primary purpose of education and prevention of child abuse in the church. The numerous facets of these programs include relevant curricula to educate children on what sexual abuse is and how to recognize it, how to disclose sexual abuse, how to keep safe from sexual predators, and the treatment available to those already victimized.

Moreover, the safe environment program includes components for parents and resources on how to keep their children safe and how to recognize the signs of sexual abuse, as well as to work in coordination with the church to maintain a safe environment for all children and young people. 


5 Ways to Protect Your Children From Sexual Abuse (English/Spanish

Signs of Abuse in Minors (English/Spanish)

Being a Trusted Adult (English/Spanish)

Internet Safety at Home (English/Spanish)

Social Media Safety for Teens (English/Spanish)

Youth Suicide Prevention (English)

Talk to Teens About Sexting (English/Spanish)

Think Before You Send (English/Spanish)

Access to Resources for Parents and Concerned Adults

Pinwheels for Prevention 

Office of Safe Environment  

Isabel Rodriguez
Safe Environment Coordinator
1901 Corpus Christi St.
(956) 764-7808

Melinda Sepulveda
Victims Assistance Coordinator
1901 Corpus Christi St. 
(956) 764-7868