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Family Life


The mission of the Family Life Office is to be faithful to the diocesan vision by conveying Christ's message of love and mercy through the natural life cycle.

Our Diocesan Vision

"Building unity within our diocesan community"   

This Ministry currently conducts educational and enrichment activities for:

  • Marriage Preparation in English and Spanish
  • Marriage Convalidations 
  • Natural Family Planning introductory class and Individual Follow-Ups
  • Respect Life Awareness educational material and activities
  • Marriage and Family Support Program
  • Couples and Individual Accompaniment
  • Marriage Enrichment resources                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • PRE-CANA REGISTRATION: Click Here  to complete the registration form, and pay below. 

Month of retreat

              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the Pre-Cana and Convalidation retreats


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must follow the guidelines established by the state and local health authorities.  

~~~~To request additional information or receive any updates, please contact the Family Life Office (956) 727-2140. Please note that this Office is open three days a week.



Theme for the 2022-2023 RESPECT LIFE CAMPAIGN: 

"Called to serve Moms in Need!"

"¡Llamados a servir a las Madres Necesitadas!"


Poster  Contest ~ Concurso de Posters

Deadline is November 11th, 2022 at 5:00 pm  / Fecha limite es el 11 de noviembre, del 2022 a las 5:00 pm


The 2022 Life Chain is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 



For continued growth in Your Catholic Faith, register for a class offered by the Pastoral Institute:

If you are interested in joining a Diocesan Movement, click on the link below to find different active groups:


Marriage Enrichment

~~For Your Marrage in the USCCB web page:

    Tips for engaged, newly weds and married couples and related blogs


Parenting resources:

~~Susan Vogt's website: via  

         Lists daily tips for parents for bulletins and newsletters in English and Spanish

~~Teaching Catholic Kids: 

            Free downloads, family faith ideas, feast day reminders, and more! 


The Missionary Family Rosary
Join us in praying a weekly rosary with your family.  Each rosary prayed will be a spiritual rose presented to the Virgin Mary in a bouquet.  We pray for our Pope, the universal church, world peace, the end to abortion and to for the respect of all human life.  For information, please contact Mrs. Ivonne Aguirre at (956) 744-8737. 




External Links

*For ideas and advice and ideas on stregthening your marriage and your family: "For your Marriage" section.

*To receive updates, newsletters, and ideas to promote human life from the moment of conception to natural death, visit the Pro-Life page of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)                                                            

*For resources to assist you or others on the painful process of Divorce, visit:

*For information on the Natural Family Planning Method visit:  or

*For information on the Year of Saint Joseph, visit the Vatican News webpage:





Contact Information

Pastoral Center
1201 Corpus Christi St.
Laredo, TX 78040

(956) 727-2140
Fax: (956) 764-7842

Martha E. Miller
Family Life Director


Very Rev. R. Anthony Mendoza
Respect Life Spiritual Director