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Cathedral Campaign

About the Campaign

It is a historic and exciting time for our Diocese! For the first time in our 17-year history, we are embarking on a campaign to restore the beloved San Agustín Cathedral.  For over 145 years, this church has made an indelible mark on the Laredo skyline and in the hearts of countless generations of Laredoans. It is time to take care of what is ours to repair and preserve the spiritual seat of our faith and historical jewel of our community for future generations. In this spirit of renewal, we can grow as a Diocese and be strengthened in our faith.

After careful prayer, consultation, and study, our Bishop James Tamayo invites each family to take part in the San Agustín Cathedral: Our Story, Our Faith, Our Cathedral Capital Campaign to support this great effort. Every registered parishioner will be invited to learn about the campaign through a series of receptions at their home parish, parish announcements, bulletins, and direct mail. In this way, each family is given the opportunity to participate in this great endeavor- every dollar that is raised beyond each parish goal, will go towards the individual needs of that parish! 





Contact Information

Stewardship and Development Office
(956) 727-2140

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