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Diocesan Review Board Members

The Diocesan Review Board is a confidential consultative body to the Bishop composed of five members appointed to a five-year term by the Bishop. The roles of those five members are outlined below. 

Current members of the Review Board (in alphabetical order):

Luis E. Flores

Madeline Lopez-Escoto

Jose Angel Moreno (USCCB National Review Board Member and Diocesan Review Board Chair)

Rev. Salvador Pedroza (Diocesan Priest) 

Jesus Torres

Asuncion G. Ramos-Soriano

Juan A. Herrera

Review Board Functions

The diocesan review board has five main functions:

  • Assess all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by Church Personnel.
  • Review the diocesan safe environment policies and make recommendations to the Bishop
  • Recommendations concerning fitness for ministry in individual cases
  • Recommendations concerning victim/survivor requests for monetary assistance, requests for counseling and other assistance pursuant to the Victim/Survivor Assistance Program.
  • Make recommendations about diocesan methods of reaching out to victim/survivors of sexual abuse