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Diocesan Review Board Members

The Diocesan Review Board is a confidential consultative body to the Bishop composed of five members appointed to a five-year term by the Bishop. The roles of those five members are outlined below. 

Current members of the Review Board (in alphabetical order):

Luis E. Flores

Madeline Lopez-Escoto

Jose Angel Moreno (USCCB National Review Board Member and Diocesan Board Chair)

Rev. Salvador Pedroza (Diocesan Priest) 

Jesus Torres

Review Board Functions

The diocesan review board has five main functions:

  • Assess all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by Church Personnel.
  • Review the diocesan safe environment policies and make recommendations to the Bishop
  • Recommendations concerning fitness for ministry in individual cases
  • Recommendations concerning victim/survivor requests for monetary assistance, requests for counseling and other assistance pursuant to the Victim/Survivor Assistance Program.
  • Make recommendations about diocesan methods of reaching out to victim/survivors of sexual abuse