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Helping the Most Vulnerable During The Pandemic

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


The Diocese of Laredo is happy to partner with the City of Laredo and the Laredo Health Department in an effort to provide vaccines to individuals who are among the most vulnerable in our community and do not have easy access to online registration. Chief Guillermo Heard of the Laredo Fire Department told representatives of the diocese, “Bridging the digital divide and ensuring equal access, equity, to vaccines is our top priority.” On behalf of the city, Chief Heard, asked if the diocese could help reach out to people in the 1B category who attend parishes located in certain zip codes where the availability of the internet may be limited.

Bishop Tamayo, and the Diocese of Laredo, have maintained concern for those most at-risk of experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19. Representatives from the city and the health department were invited to sign people up before and after Mass this past weekend at the following churches: St. Joseph, St. Vincent de Paul, and Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Nurses were available to address common questions and fears for people hesitant to receive the vaccine.

Thanks to the partnership, the city surpassed their goal of registering 200 individuals to receive the vaccine. Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, small vaccine drives will take place in the morning for the people who registered. If more people living in the identified areas express an interest in receiving the vaccine, representatives of the City of Laredo will consider organizing more drives at these parishes, with the help of the Diocese of Laredo and the Laredo Health Department.


The diocese helped with a community outreach project.