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Welcome to the Diocese of Laredo Vocations page!

  • Thinking about a vocation?
  • Think God is calling you to the priesthood?
  • There are four types of vocations. Need help discerning which one suits you? We can help!


















Do you feel called?

Different people feel their call in different ways. Some have profound experiences they cannot describe.  Others hear their call in the voices of those they are close to or those who love them encouraging them to explore a certain vocation.  Still others realize their call through their ministries in the church or even their jobs.  This nudging of God to service can sometimes be difficult to understand.  It seems even more difficult these days to come to terms with the calling to "Church vocations," namely to the priesthood and religious life, because we do not see as many priest, sisters, and brothers in the world as we have in previous decades.  However, the fact remains that God still calls people to Church vocations.  Therefore, we all need help in figuring out who God is calling us to be.  The process of figuring this out is called discernment.









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What is a Vocation & Discernment

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Contact Information

Fr. Francisco M. Quiroz-Carrizales,
PhL, M.Div. / M.A. (Th), S.T.B.
Vocations Director
1201 Corpus Christi St.
Pastoral Center
Laredo, Texas 78043
(956) 727-2140
fax: (956) 764-7842